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Lemon Pepper and Sazón Comedy is a dynamic collective of performers hailing from the vibrant Hampton Roads Virginia area, encompassing a wide array of seasoned and trained professionals. Our ensemble boasts actors, models, comedians, sketch writers/performers, improvisers, hosts, singers, bloggers, and influencers, reflecting a rich tapestry of talent.


We specialize in delivering captivating private and corporate event performances, adept at charming audiences of varying sizes and demographics.


Lemon Pepper and Sazón Comedy was born from the vision of promoting diversity and inclusivity within the realm of improv and sketch comedy in the Hampton Roads Virginia region and beyond.

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Donna Lewis.jpg

This woman needs no introduction. Everybody knows and loves Donna Lewis. She's an extraordinary stand-up comedian, sketch and improv comedy performer based out of Hampton, Virginia, and founder of Lemon Pepper & Sazón Comedy. 


She's opened for comedy legend Marsha Warfield and has performed at well-known clubs across the country. She’s been seen at national comedy festivals, TV and commercials. 


Besides taking improv training at Push Comedy Theater, she's been trained at the world-famous Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB).



Launa is an Actress, Model, Content Creator, Host, Writer, Sketch and Improv performer, Social Media magician, and super mom. Her love for performance started as a pageant baby and flourished by acting in plays, music videos, and modeling ventures as she grew older.  She currently writes and films several projects all over the east coast and is cofounder of Lemon Pepper & Sazòn Comedy.  


In addition to performing, Launa provides copywriting, blog services, social media management, and content creation for brands. She brings this same energy to LPS by managing its brand, image, and social media promotions.  


Launa is trained in voiceover, Meisner, method, stand-up, sketch, and improvisation.  She has studied at The Actor’s Place, Studio Center, Push Comedy Theatre, Second City as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and Los Angeles.


Jordan Burton.jpg

C'MON now, Jordan is the moment! In addition to being everyone's favorite teacher, he's also a food blogger, fashionista, event host, and improviser with Lemon Pepper & Sazón Comedy since 2018.


Jordan describes himself as an adventurous millennial who is always looking to have a good time whether it be while teaching the youth how to use AutoCAD, trying a new restaurant, or cutting a fool with LPS Comedy. No matter what he does, best believe he's going to look good while doing it. Okuuuuuuurt!? 


You can follow Jordan's adventures (and misadventures) on his blog at Sonicjeb Eats ( and pretty much anywhere on social media by searching "Sonicjeb".


Dai Poole.jpg

Dai Poole is a graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in Psychology and Music. He is a self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur and a lover of all things seafood. When he is not thinking about food, Dai enjoys live music, improv comedy, engaging in political discussions, and watching sci-fi movies. He's an amazing singer who can be seen making music with the well known R&B quartet "4 Shore" featured on the American X-Factor.


In his spare time, he can be found writing reviews on current and classic R&B music at, and about the latest food trends at The Kitchn.


Jenny Do.jpg


Jenny describes herself as extremely corny because she laughs at her own jokes. She's also a Taurus sun / Capricorn rising who is always BEAT for the gawds!  Her limited grasp of American slang and pop culture references make her a HOOT when she performs improv comedy. 


When she's not performing improv or sketch comedy with Lemon Pepper & Sazón, you can find her throwing up the peace sign, going to town on some bomb ass food, caring for her fur baby Ginger, and smiling her way through the depths of her internal pain.


Ted Cornista.jpg

Ted is a stand-up comedian, military veteran, and wrestling enthusiast who's always down to clown around. We love him because he runs most of our show tech! 


When he's not performing improv and sketch comedy with Lemon Pepper of Sazón, you can catch him documenting his adventures with his pet pig Oliver and his pet cat Mr. Plissken on TikTok. 


Ted also has a long list of accomplishments that most people don't know about: 


  • Former Women’s World Wrestling Wrestling Tag-Team Champion.

  • 1992 Silver Medalist for Figure Skating.

  • Backup dancer in "You Got Served". 

  • The kid from “The Golden Child” 

  • Sex Symbol 


Now how much of that is truthful is for Lemon Pepper & Sazón to know, and for you to find out.


Loriah Nichols .jpg

Loriah Nichols is a dancer/choreographer, actress, model, singer/songwriter, improviser, social media personality and content creator. 


Her parents enrolled her in lessons at Golden Slippers Dance Academy in 1998 where she nurtured a natural talent for dance and stage performance for over 13 years, studying under her late mentor, Eric Jules Williams. She graduated both Junior and Senior levels from the dance school and continues to dance independently.


Along with dance, Loriah took to improv comedy in the 7th grade on the Destination Imagination Team at Crestwood Middle School, standing out for her energy and comedic timing from a young age and continuing to perform in and student direct stage performances for Oscar Smith High School, and later return to host the VHSL Competition after graduating.


Now, Loriah is one of the first recipients of the Push Comedy Theater Diversity Council Scholarships and has worked in Shakespeare In the Plot’s Romeo & Juliet in August of 2021 and has graduated 101 and 201 classes at Push Comedy. She’s also been cast to perform in Panties In a Twist X, the largest all-female sketch comedy show in the United States in August 2022. 


Whew chile, her resume is stacked! In addition to all of this, best believe if she's going to do nothing else, she's going to have a face BEAT for the gawds with her superior makeup skills. We're excited to have you on the squad Loriah! 


To see more of Loriah you can find her on Facebook, Instagram (@loriahleandra) and Twitter (@kingloriah).


Hannah Bondoc.jpg

Hannah Estrella Agot Bondoc is a Filipino-American actress and improviser who has been performing in musicals and plays since 2010. 


She first started with Regent University’s Summer Camp and continued throughout high school and in college with Old Dominion University’s theater department (ODUrep). 


In 2020 she was featured in several films as a part of Push Comedy Theater's annual 666 Halloween project, and she' went on to perform with several of Push Comedy Theater's improv groups, including The Diversity Council, The Crying Turtles, and served as a guest player with Lemon Pepper Sazón (LPS). Currently, she is in production with Panties In A Twist and became an official LPS member as of 2022.


We're so happy to have you aboard Hannah!


Jmarc Perry.jpg

Jmarc Perry is a local stand up comedian and a natural when it comes to improv comedy. Baby, you're going to holler every time Jmarc hits the stage!


Born in Durham North Carolina, and raised in Newport News Virginia, Jmarc is a man of many talents! He's been in the air force (where he's saved them 800K annually for 8 years), he's done stand up comedy throughout the Hampton Roads area, he's been a host at Cozzy's comedy club in Newport News, he's graduated from improv classes at Push Comedy Theater, and he's even won an improv award at the International Model Talent Acting competition, last but not least he's a mean dancer. (Go Jamarcus ayyye, Go Jamarcus ayyye, Go Jamarcus ayyye!)


What can't he do? We're so excited to have him as a part of the Lemon Pepper and Sazón squad! Make sure you follow him on Instagram at @jmarcperry and to catch one of the awesome standup shows.

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